Isa’s 2nd Birthday // Monday, 20.03.17

This pot stew with rice and salad was actually my breakfast…

Who says you can’t have breakfast-dessert? People who are WRONG, that’s who.

Two selfies of myself, and the love of my life; coffee.

My sister and I.

Heyyo, party people! This past weekend I attended my cousin’s 2nd birthday party, that I almost missed, because I did what yours truly does best. That’s right, I got woken up at 1.30 pm by my staff, because they where gonna do my dishes, and the birthday party started at 2.00 pm. But after a last minute change of heart I got dressed and ran out the door! I even ran into my dad and his car halfway there and made him drive me the rest of the way because I was super tired. Did I tell you that there is like, a 7 minute walk between my home and my uncle’s. But being lazy is fine as long as you have a private chauffeur aka a dad with a car, am I rite?

But the party was fun, the food and the cake was good, and it was fun to see my little cousins again. Oh, right, there was COFFEE, too how could I forget.

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