Monday, September 12th 2016 // Some New Things…


A mini-purse bag charm.



A almond scented, natural body lotion.


A coconut scented hairspray.


Crazy Color hairdye in Peacock Blue and Candy Floss.

Hi there, my dudes! Today I went out to buy some new hairspray and hairdye in town. I bought my normal Summer Coconut Sensation from Lyko, which I love. Then I went over to Glitter to buy hairdye, when I noticed that they had 75% off everything, because they’re closing, which I’m super sad about, because they are one of my favourite shops, but I’m glad I could get some (a lot of) money off. I was just planning on buying the shade Candy Floss, since I’m gonna dye my undercut pink, but since everything was on clearance, I bought two bottles of Peacock Blue, which is the blue shade I use from them (mixed with lots of conditioner). I also bought a pair of sterling silver hoop earrings, and a mini-purse bag charm that is now hanging of my bag. I also bought a bottle of body lotion, since I had some troubles with my last one. I started breaking out in little bumps everywhere, and I was super itchy, so I started using olive oil, since I had heard that it’s moisturizing, but it was way too sticky and messy for me, so I’m trying this natural one instead.

Now it’s time for me to eat, and bleach my roots. I will probably update you all with the results of my hair adventures later this week. See ya!

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