Mother’s Day 2016

DSC_5869edtMy mum’s new cute mugs.

DSC_5872edt.jpgOne of her mother’s day gifts.

DSC_5889edt.jpgMy cousin watering some of my grandparents’ plants.


DSC_5951edt.jpgSome of my grandparents’ flowers.

DSC_5963edt.jpgA selfie from yours truly, you can ignore my worn off lip colour though.

DSC_5970edt.jpgMy dad and my cousin.

Today is Mother’s Day, which somehow started with me getting out of bed at 9.30 am instead of 2 pm, which is my usual awakening time now a days, because my mum had decided that her Mother’s Day celebrations took a start at 11 am.

I was back home at around 1.30 pm, and I decided to sit and chat with my dad and neighbors, while I sewed on my graduation dress. Then my dad called and wondered if I wanted to go to my grandparents’ allotment and drink some coffee with them, my cousins and their mum, which I did.

So I ended up drinking lots of coffee, and taking lots of pictures today. And hang out with my family too, of course.

I’m also gonna have to buy a new phone case after about a year with the same one, since I dropped my phone on the ground. My phone is completely fine, which is a little strange, since I think iPhones are supposed to be the phones the screen breaks the easiest on. But I have broken the screen on a Samsung, first a  tiny crack when I dropped it our bathroom floor and it somehow hit a metal corner of a cupboard, and then even more when I dropped it on asphalt. That last drop led to that phone’s slow and painful death. The battery started swelling and I could barley use it without having it connected to a charger. That was before my life was blessed with a portable charger. Though that object would probably bless my life even more if i actually remembered to charge it. I am getting better, though.

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