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My Valentine’s Day 2016


This was my outfit for this Valentine’s day, which I spent most of alone, and later I went out for food with my dad and uncle, before we went and saw Deadpool at the cinema. I do realize that my socks look completely ridiculous, but it’s a choice I make on the daily, I have recently bought a bunch of new socks, lots of glitter ones and a few with fruits. I have always made weird sock choices and I purposely wore un-matching ones  for a solid 4 years of my life. I guess strange socks are just a part of my personality at this point.


We went to Max for some hamburgers, and of course, onion rings. I drank a Vanilla Ice Latte too, but none of the pictures turned out how I liked them to, so we’ll have to live without one.


Later we went to the cinema to see Deadpool, and honestly, it was so good. It was definitely not for everyone, or children, because of some slightly more brutal scenes, and raw humour. But if you like that kind of stuff, which I do, you should see it. I’m probably gonna see it at least a 100 times online, and buy all the merch. Just putting it out there.

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