Nordens Ark – Class Trip 1.0



My friends at lunch.


Me at lunch.


A very flattering, 100 % serious selfie I took at lunch. I was doing a peace sign, which has been my go-to pose since I was 12. It’s not a serious pose anymore, though. Thank god.


Some flowers that I found somewhere, I’m pretty sure they where standing outside the hotel.


A Maned Wolf.


An Amur Leopard.

A couple of weeks ago my class and I went on a trip to a place in Sweden called Nordens Ark, which is roughly translated to The Nordic Ark, which for us, the visitors I mean, a kind of zoo, but they are also a foundation that gives endangered animals a future.

I have more photos from this trip, that I will post later, so I won’t go on too much about it, because then I will have noting to write about in those parts.

But today is Monday, though it’s Sweden’s National day,so it’s a holiday, which means my first week as not-a-student and officially unemployed has begun. Exciting stuff. Today I woke up way too late, as per usual. And I went with my dad to my grandparents’ allotment to see them and my uncle and his family, and I took photos of flowers and we grilled some hot dogs.

Tonight I’m planning on writing things down in my planner, so I can keep track of all the things I don’t have to do. But I will see you soon with a new post and new updates on my extremely uneventful life. Bye!

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