Pink Fluff & Grey Tulle




It was really cold and a little windy outside, but I did manage to take some pictures that I realize are kind of all the same. But anyways, I used to be dressed in short skater-skirts, but recently I have been really in to longer skirts, and all I had before was a black maxi skirt. But since I don’t wear a lot of black now a days either, I don’t really use it that much. But I have two skirts that I’ve made myself, one of them is the one I showed in my last outfit post and the other one is a black and gold one, that I made around Christmas time.

But, when I was out in town with my dad last week I found this skirt, that is a light grey pleated high waist skirt made out of soft tulle. It was one sale for 75 SEK, and was originally 399 SEK. I really like it and I have already worn it several times since I got it.

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