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Today I am here with a planner update and setup. The planner I am currently using is a Filofax Windsor Lock in Burgundy. It’s from the 1990’s, not sure on the exact year. I bought it from eBay and it came with some old, but unused, inserts. I also have an owl charm hanging on the zipper, that I got from my grandmother for my birthday last year.

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I’ve had my Christmas dashboard on for about a week now, because I’m a Christmas nerd. But it’s actually the only Christmas thing I have up though, I still have a few Halloween items up. I’m planning on changing that this week, though.

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All my dividers, and most inserts are Harry Potter themed, and all the dividers are made from 125mm x 190mm Greeting cards from Redbubble. This one is from  -hxrtsy

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For my calendar I use day-on-two-pages inserts, I like to write down my entire daily schedule in my planner on one page, including everything that has to do with school, so when the train leaves in the morning, when I start, when we eat lunch and when it ends for the day. I also write down every time I have to take medication, which is three to four times a day. It depends on when I take my sleeping pills, but since I don’t have any at the moment I only take them three times.

I also write down every time I get support from staff, and most days I write down a to-do list of things I have to do. This includes things like showering and eating, because I have both Asperger’s and a depression, normal daily things like showering and eating, things that seem obvious for others, are very hard for me to do. I lack both motivation and energy to do things that are obvious for others, and I find personally that it helps me when I write them down.

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tabikkat22 on Redbubble

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In the second section I have month-on-two-pages inserts that I use for tracking and planning my blog posts, and also the occasional YouTube video. I use stickers and my Frixion pens to mark when I have published a post or video, and plain page-flags for planning out when I want to post something.

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itskatemoore on Redbubble

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Behind my third and last divider I have some note-paper that came with the planner when I bought it. I don’t keep too much of it in the planner at one time, as you may be aware of, too much paper in a ring-bound planner makes it hard to flip the pages. I use the note-paper when I want to plan out a post in more detail or when I want to journal on the go. I then take the paper out of the Filofax and put it in my journal at home.

In this section of the planner I also keep a couple of fold-out things, mt school schedule, the Gothenburg tram map and a world map.

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At the back of my planner I keep a sheet of sticky-notes that I use when I have an event or similar in the future that I want to remember to include when I plan the week. It can be everything from a birthday party or a test in school. In the back pocket I keep a couple of sheets of stickers, that I either use when I have to write something down when I’m not home, or when I just don’t have the energy to get up and get the rest of them.

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