Potatisfestivalen 2016


My dad and granddad looking at hats.


My coffee in front of some neon hoodies.


My Belgian waffle with whipped cream and Nutella.



Roses hanging out from gardens out on the sidewalk, it’s so pretty you have no idea.



My Langos and my coffee.

Hi again! This weekend our town held it’s annual festival, which is named “The Potato Festival”, because it started out celebrating that the guy who made potatoes popular in Sweden was born and grew up in our town. I mean I’m not actually sure, I haven’t been alive for that long, nor have I done my research, so I’m just throwing around guesses here, really.

I strolled around town with my dad and grandparents both on Friday and Saturday, and I ran into my mum and siblings a couple of times, too. I bought a bright yellow comfort bra, because normal bras are uncomfy as hell and makes me want to rip my boobs off so I don’t have to wear one again. So for me, bralettes, sports bras etc. are the way to go. I also bought a pack of machine sewing needles, because they were cheap, and a dress.

Today I wasn’t planning on going out, but then I decided I wanted milk chocolate digestives, so I went out in pajama pants and a half-cropped sweater and a snapback. As you do.

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