Pretty things from my birthday

PICT2266 PICT2273 PICT2274 PICT2276 PICT2279 PICT2280 PICT2281PICT2283

I went out twice on my birthday once to McDonald’s for coffee and sundae’s with my dad, and once to my stepdad’s flat to see the rest of my family and eat dinner and dessert, but smart as I am, I forgot my camera both times, so the only pictures I have are some of the things I got from my family. I also got a concert ticket from my mum and stepdad. My friend Moa and I are going to see 5 Seconds of Summer in Denmark in May and I am very excited.

If you want to see some pictures of what I actually did on my birthday, I do have some on my Instagram, which you should check out anyways, really. I’ve never mentioned this, but I do have some links for my other sites, both in my sidebar and under my links. If you would like to see all the bullshit I write on twitter for example. I’m quite funny sometimes actually.

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