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As 2014 is approaching it’s end, It’s time to go looking for a new planner. At least if you’re like me and prefer to write your schedule and appointments in an actual planner, instead of writing it in the calendar of your phone for example. Even though I wouldn’t go far without my electronic (I’m not kidding, not only do I bring my phone and/or iPod with me to the bathroom, but my laptop has had to join me more times than I can count), I prefer to write things down with pen and paper.

Now, when it comes to choosing the right planner, you have to go with your heart. Sounds very dramatic when you put it like that, I know, but it’s true. Personally I want my planner to be pretty, somewhat stylish and not too small or too big. The size of an A5 paper is good enough for me. I don’t like spiral books, and I’m not a big fan of the ring-binder system for myself at the moment. An other important thing when it comes to choosing the right one just for you, is how you want the day-view to look. I’m not a big fan of the whole monthly overview thing, and in all honesty, a day on one page is way too much room for me, since I don’t do very much things. At least not enough to fill a whole page. I like the week on two pages view. Preferably one with a little note section. Not for the purpose of taking notes, but for the fact that Saturday and Sunday gets it’s own big section, not one squeezed together, because if I’m doing something that will take up lots of space, I’m probably doing it on a weekend.

When I was online looking for some nice planners for the new year, I had found a good one for me. I had owls on it. I’m not actually sure how much this has been mentioned on here, but I love owls. A lot. Owls are on about the same level as coffee for me. And I’m sure you all know what level that is one. But anyways, when it came around to actually ordering the planner, it as no longer available. But I wasn’t all too sad, even if I was missing out on another owl item, I did know I had seen some pretty ones in our local bookshop. And lucky me, it was still there. A pink floral pattern is about as “me” as you can get. Without the owls and the coffee, of course. Pink has been my standing number one favourite colour my entire life. I’m not kidding. I love colours in general, but pink has always had a special place in my heart. And I do believe that flowers are just too pretty.

When it comes to actually writing in the planner, I like fun coloured gel pens. And stickers. This is something I have learned by watching Youtube videos on how others organize their planners. This might sound boring to you, but I could watch them for days. No joke. Anyways, a pretty commonly used item is stickers. I though it sounded way fun, so I just had to try it myself, and believe me or not, it works. The whole process of writing things down and reading them again way more fun. But I won’t ramble on anymore now, this text is already four years long, and I’m about to go to sleep. Good night x.

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