Saturday, 24th of September 2016 // #pokedoodleswalmond 1.0






Hey there, pals! Today I am showing you the three first ‘doodles’ in my #pokedoodleswalmond series I am doing on my Instagram, along with some behind the scenes photos. The first ‘doodle’, then one of Bulbasaur, did genuinely start out as a 2-minute doodle, but then when I did the one of Yvysaur, I started a more complicated process, that evolved along with Yvy, when I did Venusaur. I am right now in the process of doing the rough sketch of Charmander, but it is just not turning out like I want it to. I’m on my third one, and every one of them just looks off, somehow. I don’t know how I’m gonna solve this, or if I’m just gonna let it look weird, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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