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Saturday, October 8th 2016


Hi, friends! Today I wasn’t planning on going out, but then my mum texted and asked if I wanted to come over for dinner, and I, of course, said yes. She had made Chili con Carne with some Brussels sprouts and Broccoli, which I love, but haven’t had in a while, since I have changed up my one meal that I eat every day.

We also drank some coffee, “we” meaning “my mum and I” since we are the only ones who actually drink coffee. Though my sister and I had some sort of competition to see who could take the best photo of the coffee. You can see my picture of my coffee, which ended up being taken on a shelf, since my mum’s dining table wasn’t aesthetically pleasing enough for me, what a shame. Though, I never got to see my sister’s pictures, even though she insisted they where better than mine, hmm…

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