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Saturnus Vanilla Coffee Syrup – A Review


Today I’m here with the completing review for my Saturnus Vanilla Coffee Syrup First Impression. 

So, while I do really enjoy this coffee syrup, I wish it tasted more. I’ve used it to add some extra taste to my vanilla cappuccino from my capsule machine, since I wanted some more vanilla to it. I have used it in other coffee drinks as well, no cold ones unfortunately, but I have made coffee and added some hot milk, and also vanilla syrup. The thing is, I feel like you need a lot of syrup added to a drink with lots of milk for it to taste like I want it too. But, I tend to drink out of bigger mugs, so I suppose it makes sense to use a lot of it.

But overall I do enjoy it and I’ve used almost used all of it, and lastly I will most likely repurchase it. It gets 3/5 starts from me today.

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