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Saturnus Vanilla Syrup – A First Impressions


Today I will be doing a first impression post for this Saturnus Vanilla Coffee SyrupI found this in my local Ica Maxi grocery store, and it’s made by a Swedish Brewery, called Saturnus, and they also make alcoholic beverages. I know this particular because I went on their website and and they said I had to be 25 to enter their website because it had information about alcoholic beverages, but since I am only human, a human who’s interest in drinks is limited to sparkling water and coffee, I lied (I’m so sorry).  When it comes to coffee syrup, they make around six different kinds overall, such as Caramel and Chai, I will put a link to the complete list of all the coffee syrups at the bottom of this post, along with all the links shared in this post (and all my social media, obvs). This is the first time I decided to try and syrup from this brand, and my first choice is always Vanilla, since vanilla latte’s (both warm and iced ones) are my favourite kind of coffee drink.



Now to the first impression, I added my syrup to a cup of medium roasted coffee with a bit of soy milk, and a full review will be coming at some point when I’ve tried it some more times, and after I’ve added it to some other coffee drink, a latte probably.

When I smelled the syrup it smelled like vanilla fudge, it was amazing. The taste of the vanilla in normal brewed coffee reminds me a lot of how Espresso House’s vanilla lattes tasted, last summer I didn’t really enjoy having vanilla in my ice lattes from them, because it didn’t go well with the drink, I’m not saying this syrup won’t, though, since I have yet to try that. But, when I tried their iced vanilla lattes again this year, it was one of the best coffee drinks I’ve ever had. I tried their normal vanilla latte and that also tasted a bit different from what it used to, a good different.

The coffee I have next to me right now, does not taste as much of vanilla as I would have wanted, not sweet enough. It could have something to do with the coffee-to-milk ratio, I’m not an expert and since this is my first time trying this brand, I do not know. I could also just not added enough of the syrup in my coffee, you’re supposed to have 2 cl in your drink, but I have no clue how much 2 ml is without a measuring cup, so I just winged it. Maybe I should measure the next time.

I do also feel like the coffee is getting a little sweeter the more coffee I’m drinking, I’m most likely just getting used to it.

 I have now finished my cup of coffee, and my first impression rating is 2,5 / 5 stars. Or hearts. Or hot beverage emojis. You choose. The full and final rating will come in my full review.

Links in this post: Saturnus Website | Vanilla Syrup | Full list of syrups

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