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Say Hi To My New Son!

Hello there Party People and happy Sunday!

Almost two weeks ago now, my sister’s bunny, Evert, moved in with me. His cage is next to my bed and he moves his little house around every day. Right now it’s laying on its side, which I’m going to fix later this evening when I clean his cage. He and Eddy are getting along just fine, though Eddy hasn’t actually paid much attention to his new brother, except for a couple of times when he wants to play, which I try to stop, at least for now, since Eddy isn’t very gentle when he plays and I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

I myself have adjusted quite well to the new addition to my home, and my little family and I are having a great time. Now I’m going to dye my eyebrows, do a facemask, play some Sims and just relax so I can, fingers crossed, get to bed in time so tomorrow isn’t completely wrecked, too. See ya!


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