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Hi there, pals! This past weekend, I’ve actually done things. Shocking, I know. This post is about what I did on Saturday, though, so lets get started. My youngest brother was away at a scout camp this past week, and on Saturday they had a market day, and I went there with my mum and her boyfriend, and my other siblings went there with my stepdad.

My brother was a part of a game, where you where supposed to hit one of the scouts with a slingshot. My older younger brother actually hit someone, (our brother, obviously) and therefor won a big marshmallow. My mum and I drank some coffee, and my stepdad bought a couple of donuts, which I where the only one who liked, so I ate about three of them. But I had a really nice day, and later on I did some things with my dad, and did some laundry, and stayed up way too late, as per usual. See ya soon!

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