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Summer Camp 3.0

PICT2324 PICT2326 PICT2329

Yesterday we went out on an adventure to a park to have a picnic. After we had our food and coffee, one from my staff and I stayed in the park, while the rest went to play some frisbee golf. Now for a story okay, I was laying in my stomach with my phone, with my staff laying beside me, also on her phone, when I felt something landing on my leg. I didn’t think much about it, but I still checked what it was. Can you guess? I think you can. A damn bird had pooped on my leg, and just yelled “YooRee, look at my leg! I’m going to punch someone!”. What did she do? Laughed at me. Obviously. What else would she have done?

But now for some more pictures.

PICT2330 PICT2331 PICT2334PICT2335

We also had some cake, once again to celebrate my birthday this past week.

PICT2336PICT2337 PICT2339

We also made some pizza for dinner.

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