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Sunday, 16th of October 2016 // The Blanket Cape




Hi there, pals! I posted a photo on Instagram the other week about a new project I was starting, which was making a cape coat out of a blanket and some fabric. I ended up using another fabric than I intended, because the other one didn’t work out, but I’m very happy with the end result.

It has three functional buttons at the top, for closing the cape – obviously – and two decorative buttons under the arm holes to cover up and/or distract from the seams there. I also used a faux fur collar that was originally on another coat I owned, but didn’t use, since I did not have enough blanket left to make a collar out of that. The collar was my dad’s idea during my trail wear of the cape, and at that point it didn’t have the arm holes either, just two slits on each side for my arms to do their arm things, such as press buttons and move my coffee mug to my mouth. But since the fabric that was dangling from the sides looked a little weird (I know what you’re thinking, “Emma, the entire cape coat looks weird, don’t you know?” and my answer to that question is: Yes, I do know it looks weird, but I like it like that, it makes me happy, and that’s what’s important here.), so I sewed them stuck where the two buttons are, and I much prefer that.

Right now I’m working on a new bag, since I felt like the bags I had didn’t really match the look I’m going for and I felt like actually spending a lot of time on something with a lot of details to it. There will probably (hopefully) be some progress shots on Instagram in the meantime, if you happen to be interested.

Also, this is the blanket I used, and I can’t find the fabric on the store’s website. But it’s blue.

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