Sunday, 23rd of October 2016 // A 15th Birthday 1.0




Hey, hi, hello there friends! Yesterday was my brother’s 15th birthday, which is awful, because where is the time going? I was 15 last month? Okay, not last month, it was 4 years ago, I’m only 19, but still. I’ve been writing on this blog since I was 15, and my life really changed at that point, so it’s kind of odd to see someone who will always be a tiny baby in my eyes grow up and live his life. Though, I’m gonna be there on his 30th birthday and and give him a card that says he just turned 10, just you wait. I’m probably gonna be posting about it on here, even in another 15 years.

But yesterday we celebrated him with our mum’s side of the family and she had made two giant cookies, and they where great. I took about three million photos of my mum’s halloween/autumn decor, but you guys are only getting to see two of them, haha.

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