Sunday, 6th of November 2016 // Blush and Glitter



Hey lil pals, yesterday my housing had a Halloween party, and I hadn’t really planned any costume, because I have been feeling really unmotivated to do things lately, and I wasn’t really feeling going socializing. But I ended up putting four pounds of bright pink blush and glitter all over my face, and went to the party and stayed for like, 45 minutes.

Earlier today, my dad and I went to McDonald’s to drink coffee, and then we played some Pokémon Go. Right now I’m watching Shrek on Netflix, and I’m about to do my planning for the week, and then maybe I’ll start making a new planner pouch, because I bought a set of punch-pliers and eyelets a while back, and I want to use them, as well as make a pouch that matches my planner.

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