Taco Tuesday On A Wednesday


Hello Party People, and Happy Sunday!

Though, this post in perticular is about this past Wednesday. My housing, aka, my neighbours and my staff, have a few activities every week, and this Wednesday that was going out to eat at the local Taco place. But due to unforseen circumstances, it ended up only being one staff and I who ate at there. 

It was a nice dinner, I had nachos and two quesadillas that tastes unexpectedly a lot like the Mcdonald’s breakfast toasts. That’s not a negative thing, though. We talked a lot about life, my life specifically. About dreams and the future. She said that I seem more harmonious now than I have before, especially earlier this summer. That’s a nice word. Harmonious. I think harmony, in general, is a nice thing, and if it’s one thing I strive for, that’s it.


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