“The best drink flavours, in my humble opinon” // Winter Adventures N° 5


Hello there, Party People! Today I am sharing a small compilation of photos from a few weeks ago, I believe. I don’t really remember, if I’m honest, cause this pal’s organization and life structure has been SLACKING. Severely. I haven’t had my sleeping pills for a few weeks, though I have them now, so my sleeping schedule has been FUCKED UP to say the least. BUT I am now trying got get my life back on track, I say back, even though my life has never been on track, if we’re being honest. I’m gonna get my planning shit together, and my sleeping shit, hopefully…

But! Back to these pictures;

The First one is off my Umami fries from Max, which is a gift from God himself.

The Second and Third one is from a recent family dinner at my mum’s house.

The Fourth one, and also the Thumbnail is off a local park, from my walk a few weeks ago, which also leads us to the Fifth and last photo, which is off a Vitamin Well carbonated drink with lemon and elder flavour, which are the best drink flavours, in my humble opinion.

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