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The Christmas Chronicles 1.0


The Chinese food my dad and I ate while we where Christmas shopping.

Gingerbread hearts in one of the new bowl my sister got for Christmas.

One of my Christmas gift, which did have the least Christmasy paper, but still pretty.


Some of the food from Christmas eve.

Another year has almost past, and along with that for some of us, so even another Christmas. I had a nice one, and I received almost one too many pink kitchen supply, that I hope I will get use out of. Where I’m from, the biggest celebration happens on Christmas eve, so I started the day with (except for getting ready) going to my mum, and siblings, for some coffee and gifts. Later on I walked to my grandparents house, with my dad and some of my relatives. We had a small dinner (by that I mean not as many options as the next day) and mostly just enjoyed each others company, since our big celebration with gift opening was going to take place on Christmas day this year.

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