The First Weekend of April Birthday Trilogy Part 1.0




Hi there, as I said in my last post, today I’m here with a post about the first birthday celebration I attended this past weekend. It was for my grandfather, who’s birthday is this week. It was a very casual celebration, since they decided to celebrate it at the same time as my family helped my grandparents with their allotment. I didn’t really help out anything, since I have very low energy and motivation to even do things that I have to do, like clean my own apartment and even eat sometimes. It’s a problem that comes along with my Asperger’s and depression, and it’s something I really struggle with every day of my life. I have a lot of sleep issues as well, and the only time I can really sleep is in the mornings and early in the day, which isn’t good, because it makes it really hard to get up in the morning when I have things to do, because when I have to get up is usually when I’m sleeping the best. When I don’t go to school, I can easily sleep until 2 PM and I really hate it because I feel like I’ve wasted my entire day.

But I also with just simple everyday movements, like getting up from a chair or my couch, since most of my movements are very uncomfortable for me, it’s not direct pain, just an uncomfort that sometimes evolve into slight pain, like when I’ve been out and about for a while, I can feel very, very sore when I get back home and untying my shoes can feel awful. I have a slight love/hate relationship with lounging on my couch, because it’s so much more comfortable just lying there and relaxing, when I’m watching a YouTube video, or a show on my laptop, but getting up feels so much worse.

I know that I shouldn’t complain, since I still can use all of my body, but being constantly exhausted from the moment you wake up until you fall back asleep, everyday for years, can, and is very tiring. I should really get better at eating though, since it’s extra important to get nutrition in you when you are already so tired, but I can forget to eat a lot, because I don’t really feel hungry, I mostly snack because I have a little sweet craving, or something like that. I do notice that my symptoms of my illnesses gets a lot worse when I haven’t eaten, and I can start to shake a lot, which is usually what gets me to eat, because I can still notice that my body needs it.




But I entertained my little cousin while the others worked, I held him in my lap for most of it, and turned him around when I noticed he wanted to look somewhere else.

But that was it for today, I’ll be back next time for a post about the second birthday party from this past weekend. See you soon!

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