Thea’s 13th Birthday Party #2 // Monday, 10.04.17

Hello my dear friends of the Interwebs! Today (or tonight) I am posting the photos from my sister’s second birthday this year. It was at our mum’s house, with our relatives on that side of the tree. I did remember to bring my gifts for her this time, and I gave her a silver necklace, an EOS gift set, and an Emoji keyring. I bought her the one that makes the kissy face and I bought the poop emoji for myself, which now houses all my keys and it’s pretty damn great.

I actually the biggest fan of the cake my mum made, and I ate one layer of it. It had a mango cream thing, which together with the sponge cake reminded me too much of a sandwich cake for some weird reason. Though, sandwich cake is genuinely one of my favourit main dishes to eat, it didn’t work here, and I struggle a lot with the texture of berries in general, and I am probably one of the only people on this earth that doesn’t like them. I like Cherries, though.

But the party was fun, and it’s always fun to see my relatives, but right now I am going to make myself some sleepy time tea, and browse the web in my bed. Almond out!

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