A Couple of New Things // Tuesday, 21.02.17

Heyyo, Party People! Today I am showing you some of the new things I’ve bought during the last couple of weeks, even though I have been feeling quite bad recently, I have still gotten a few things done. I’ve bought a couple of pens and a bunch of stickers from Lidl, along with these tins that had biscuits in them, but I know use for stickers and pens.

Today my staff and I went to my workplace, and on the way home we visited a few stores. I this little pouch from Panduro, that you are supposed to colour in yourself, and I think that will be my next little craft project.

I spent this past weekend making a new bag that I really love, and I am planning on showing it to you in my next post, so stayed tuned! Almond Out.

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