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Two Weekends In Pictures Feb 8 – 10 & 15 – 17 ’19 [Almond’s Latest Life Adventures N° 26]

Hello, Party People and happy Monday!

Today I’m sharing pictures and stories from the past weekend, as I didn’t make a post like this last week.

Friday the 8th

One friday my dad and I had a movie night, which included a Swedish game show, Aquaman and Pizza.

Saturday the 9th

On that same Saturday evening, I went over to my mom’s to watch Melodifestivalen and have dinner with my family. We had some homemade pizza and Mudcake icecream with fruitsallad as dessert.

Sunday the 10th

That Sunday was quiet, I stayed inside, except a quick trip to the grocery shop and spent my evening with YouTube and pizza.


Friday the 15th

This Friday was a bit more eventfull, though nothing that ended up in photos. Around mid-afternoon, I had an idea for a craft project, so I went out to find some supplies. I walked around town for almost two hours, with no luck whatsoever. In my frustration, I ended up buying a bottle of wine, which I did before I walked back home. When I got home I hopped in the shower before I made my dinner. I had decided that I wanted a glass of wine along my food. I didn’t seem to have a wine opener, and instead borrowing one from the staff, I decided to use a knife, which was a mistake if there ever was one, as I ended up stabbing myself in the hand. I’m all good now, but I could barelyey use my hand all night, now I’m just trying to protect the wound.

Saturday the 16th

My Saturday was a lot better. Mom came around to help me clean and tidy my kitchen. My grandma also came over and we all drank coffee and talked. After that mom and I went to the gym, where mom’s boyfriend joined us so we didn’t have to walk back. After our workout we all bought candy and Thai food, and then we went back to their house to watch Melodifestivalen.

Sunday the 17th

I spent all of yesterday at home, both tired and bored. But I did get to spend some quailty time with my cat while reading.

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