Almond’s Outfit Parties 8.0 // Wednesday, 22.03.17

Heyyo, Party People! Today I am sharing a outfit that I wore about two weeks ago now, when we celebrated my uncle’s birthday. I had planned on posting this much sooner, but as you may know, I got a little behind.

But now about the outfit; I wore a top with beading from Lidl, I think this one is dark grey, I have one that is in a dark blue colour, too, but I seem to struggle with telling them apart sometimes, even though the colours are very different when the shirts are next to each other. I really love those tops, which is why I bought both of the colours they had. They are in a very soft jersey material, but the beading around the neckline makes them very pretty.

The skirt is second hand, and I was wearing a petticoat underneath, that I made. My old-lady-shoes that I love are from Asos and as you know, I made the bag.

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