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The“Nude” palette with some swatches.


The “Smoke” palette, along with the “Eye’s Star” glitter mascara.


Swatches from the “Smoke” palette.


A swatch of the mascara.

Hi, friends! Today I am here to share some new makeup items from Depend Cosmetics that I picked up over the past week or so. I only picked up one palette to begin with, since I wanted so see how the pigmentation was, and there was no testers on display in the store. But I was really pleasantly surprised with how good quality the eyeshadows are, and they are really affordable, too! Each palette costs 39 SEK, which is a really great price. Both of the palettes have some really nice foily shimmery shades that looks super intense, even without wetting the brush first. If you are into makeup and you live anywhere they sell Depend, I really do recommend that you pick at least one of these palettes up.

The mascara is just a clear mascara with glitter in it, that I think I’m gonna use on my eyebrows, it’s a bit hard to layer, since the glitter you put down at first gets picked up by the wand again when you go over it. The mascara itself dissolves the product you have underneath a bit, it’s not too bad, the want just gets stained with the product you on first, so if you have normal mascara on, it gets a bit black. The formula dries pretty hard, so I if I put a lot of it on my eyebrows, they are gonna get crunchy. I don’t remember the price of the mascara, but it was either 29 SEK or 39 SEK. They had a pink and silver one, which is the one I bought, and a purple and silver one. The glitter is layered in two sections in the tube, but they get mixed when you pull the wand out.

Over all I am really happy with my purchases, and I think I will get a lot of use from the products, and you can’t really beat the prices!

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