Weekend Birthday Party #2


Some of my cousin’s birthday presents.

The second, and last birthday party this past weekend, was for my little cousin who just turned one. I don’t have as many pictures from this party, a lot of the pictures I took didn’t turn out that great, so I decided not to post them.

But this entire day was a little strange for me, I got out of bed at around ten, and somewhere after I started drinking my morning coffee, I decided that I was still very sleepy and was going to lay on my bed and rest for a little bit. So I put my timer on ten, maybe fifteen minutes, just so I won’t lay there for too long. But little did you know, Almond here, fell asleep and woke up an hour before the party started and I still had to get dressed and do my makeup. And worst of all, my almost full coffee cup was ice cold and I had to throw it away. A true tragedy.

But I tried to do my makeup as quick as I could, but I still arrived around half an hour late. When I got there I texted my mum, asking for the keycode in, and I stood there for minutes waiting for her reply, and then I realized the door was unlocked. My mum still hadn’t noticed my text though, she must have been busy socializing or something weird like that.


The cake with pink and green whipped cream and my coffee in the background.


The candy and drink I bought on my way home.

It was a fun party and it was nice to see my little cousins again, even though I ended up leaving before everyone else, because it all got a little too much for me and I got a bit anxious so I decided to go home, but I did buy some candy, a drink and some popcorn on my way home, and the rest of my day was nice. My popcorn turned out great, even though it was my first time popping any on my own, and I actually understood the instructions. Amazing.

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