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Welcome To The Soft Luxe

Recently someone close to me said that I don’t have a “spark” anymore, and even though I hadn’t thought about it before I realized afterward that they were right. I haven’t felt inspired to do the things I actually love for so long. I’ve lost my passion. Passion for this blog, my Instagram, makeup, and clothes. I’ve barely posted anything on here for over a year. I wanted to, I planned so many posts, edited so many photos that the internet never saw because I guess I didn’t really like any of it. It was just boring to me and it just laked personality and interest. I’ve always struggled with the thought of finding a “niche” in the internet world, I never wanted to commit to just one type of content, but instead, I barely posted anything and the things I did post were all over the place with zero substance.

I’ve also had this ongoing “aesthetic crisis” in my real life too. My style has fluctuated quite a bit and the only things that have stayed the same are my hair color and my tiara. Those two things have been pretty much a constant in my life for almost six years. I’ve also had this vision of how I want to look and what I want my life to be. But I’ve never really committed to the hustle, you know. They’ve just been dreams. But that’s going to change now.

That’s where “The Soft Luxe” comes in. It’s a cute little name I came up with while shopping a while ago and it felt like the right name for my forever aesthetic, which is the one I keep coming back to and what truly brings me the most joy. I like pretty things. Pretty dresses in soft colors, pretty purses, makeup and things that sparkle. The thought of actually committing to wearing pretty dresses and writing about all the pretty things in life that I love planted a seed of inspiration that suddenly blossomed with ideas for content I want to create both on here and on my Instagram and  I decided that it was time for a good old rebrand. “Almondparty” and I had a good run, but it was time to say goodbye… It just didn’t feel like me anymore. It didn’t fit with the content I wanted to create or what I wanted my little internet space to be and it didn’t make any sense to keep a name that didn’t resonate with me just because of sentimental reasons. I made this decision during one of many sleepless nights around two weeks ago and I thought I would regret in the morning, but I honestly haven’t looked back. 

I have all my ideas written down in my planner, but I wanted to make this post before anything else.

So, here we are, less than a month away from 2020, and I’m getting ready to make this next decade mine, both online and off.

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