When One Goes To IKEA // Wednesday, 24.05.17

Almond eats those Classic IKEA Meatballs™ .

One of two bags of Raspberry potpourri that I bought.  

One of the many scented candles that I bought, this one is Blackberry scented.

A little Owl friends, along with some Apple scented tea candles.

And last but not least, a new wineglass, I don’t drink wine, I just really prefer to drink my carbonated water out of glasses that have a foot. 

Hello, friends and enemies, a few weeks ago I went to IKEA, and these are some of the things that I bought, and ate. I was gonna post this earlier, but since I’m terrible, that did not happen. But better late than never, am I right?! Ahh, I really do need to stop procrastinating, don’t I? Maybe then I’ll actually achieve my goals and dreams? Who knows.

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