Who Doesn’t Decorate Pastries With Penises? // Wednesday, 05.04.17

Hello, friends! Today it’s time for the photos from my sister’s first birthday party this past weekend. It was at my stepdad’s – her dad’s – house. I was going to give her her gift at this birthday party since it was on her actual birthday, but Miss Smarty Pants over here forgot it at home when they left to get in their dad’s car earlier in the day. My sister got to go get her nails done as one of her gifts, which you know I’m a little jelly off, though I got a UV-lamp with gel supplies for Christmas, and I’m slowly learning how to do my own nails.

But, the birthday party was fun,  there was food, and dessert, which included a pastry decorated with a penis. The pastry is just a big chocolate bar wrapped in puff pastry dough that then goes in the oven for a while, and it’s AMAZING. We’ve had it before at my mum’s house, and it so good I keep thinking about making one for myself.

But I should probably wrap this post up before I start drooling thinking about dessert, ’cause we all know that might actually happen. Until next time; Almond out.

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