Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?


Today’s outfit post will be featuring some new clothes. Both the skirt and the polo shirt is some shade of navy blue, and the polo has a pattern of pineapples on it, there of the Spongebob reference. You will also see some weird foot-positions. Just a warning.


My shoes, which you can barley see, are a pair of sneakers from Stadium. My dad bought them for me at the Stadium Outlet we have in town in the beginning of the summer. My bag I bought a festival in town, you know the one with the potatoes and stuff I told you about? That one.


The rings and the chain-bracelet are from Ur & Penn and the two other bracelets are gifts.


Here is me trying to twirl so you can see my skirt, which by the way, I’m not sure of the brand, but I bought it from Cassels. The shirt is from H&M and it was the start of my polo-obsession. I bought three in three days. True story.

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