Why Is Santa Winking?! // Winter Adventures N° 1

Drinking coffee out of a simply amazing Christmas mug, that is slightly inappropriate. Why is Santa winking at me? Does he know that I’m getting EXACTLY what I wished for Christmas? Does Father Christmas like my outfit? The way my new dress hugs my curves? To be honest, not sure I want to know why the big guy with the white beard is winking at me. Not gonna ask…

Hello there, Party People! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Heh… To make up for the fact for the fact that I am, at times, a shit blogger, I am going to do a little series, as I can be known to do, to update you all, my dearest friends, on what I’ve been up to during this past winter time. Winter is technically not over yet, but that is A Okay, because this is my blog and I can do what I want! Here we go, kids!

Who doesn’t  love a good ol’  burger?  ‘Cause I know I love them.

I also LOVE these fries from McDonald’s , but they betrayed me and stopped  selling them. FUCK YOU McDonald’s.  “Limited Edition” my ass…

Bought a new nail polish, it’s pink, ’cause I didn’t have any of those before… Yikes, should probably stop.

After a couple of weeks of a heartbroken search of  our dearest friend and/or lover, my dad and I finally found the gingerbread rolls in our local Lidl. We achieved this by asking the staff, turns out that they had just put them with the other cookies and such, not with the christmas snacks. Rude. Gonna sue them for depriving me of this God sent pastry.

That, my dearest friends, was it of today’s episode of “Almond’s Winter Advetures”, I have been your friend, Almond, and I’ll see you next time.

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