⏪ REWIND; Almond’s 21st Birthday pt. 2

Hello Party People, and Happy Friday!

Today I’m coming at you with another Rewind post. This is not the years first, nor will it be the last. My energy has been low this year, and this summer specifically, but that does not mean I’ve stopped taking photos of my days, that I really want to share. 

But I seem to be getting back to life and being a Real Person, which means more content from yours truly, that you did not ask for. In this post that will include photos from my brother and I’s joint birthday party a few weeks ago.

The Food:

The food included; chicken, salad with watermelon cubes, and a side of dressing and chickpeas. The chickpeas were supposed to be mixed in with the salad, but my thoughtful mother added them as a side in case someone didn’t like them. I don’t mind that, really. Because if someone happens to not want any, that just means more for me. I love the little bastards.

For dessert we had a delicous white chocolate cake, which my brother(the one whom I shared the party with) had made, along with some ice cream. And lots of coffee. Always coffee.

I had a lot of fun at the party, I always enjoy seeing and talking to my relatives and family. I also love gifts, but talking to the people I love wins, surprisingly enough.

That was all from me right now, and I’ll see you party people, sometime, when I’m back.


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