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Hello there, Party People! On the last weekend on November, my dad, my aunt, my grandparents and I, went on a little rod trip to a cheese store that held a Christmas Market that day. We tasted lots of chesse, some sausages, drank a little mulled wine and played on one of those lottery-wheel-thingies. On which we didn’t win anything, but we were there for the cheese anyways, so it’s fine. It’s fine…

I took a lot of pictures, bought some cheese that was eaten within days, a little bag of Christmas coffee that has yet to be brewed, simply because I wanted to take photos of the bag first, but I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet. Though, I am planning on having a little photo-shoot tomorrow, ’cause I have some things I want to take pictures of. I did also buy some Elderflower cider, that I have also finished, cause I am one thirsty B. They also had a room full of Christmas decorations, where I just took photos of pretty things, speaking of, I am going to upload some more photos to my Instagram soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

After we had finished our cheese shopping, we headed over to a Dollar-Store that was nearby, and I mainly bought – to everyone elses enjoyment – Ramen Noodles. I fucking love Ramen.

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