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A few pictures from the past week

Right now I’m sitting in my bed without a shirt on, thinking about going down stairs to get more coffee. I’m also thinking about showing you a few photos from my week(the earlisest one is from wedesday). I did an atempt to edit these at midnight last night, so that would explain them. Just so you know.


The dinner, desert and coffee my mum had made for her birthday dinner. For the meat, there had been two alternatives; rice and pasta. My mum had the day before asked my brother if he wanted rice or pasta, on which he had answered; pasta. Guess what he ate? Rice. Obviously. The cake was really nice and so was the coffee. And the food. Almost forgot about the food. Speaking of food, I am very humgry right now, I wonder when my family will get back home?


Earlier that day(I think it was) I had experimented together some kind of Ice Coffee. Conclusion; Not enough coffee. Didn’t taste much. Better luck next time.


This years first Easter candy; A chocolate marzipan egg from my dad. It was very nice. Haven’t actually eaten all of it though. But still…


This years first actuall easter egg; A pink one from Jonas, my stepdad. I actually got a second one from my mum, I haven’t got a picture of it, but It has a rooster made out of easter-ish words. One of the words being just that; rooster. On which my first thought obviously was “It would have been funnier f it said cock”. I aslo texted this to Hanna and Moa.


Speaking of my stepdad, he gave me the easter egg at the same time he came around with some donuts to eat with our coffee on Thursday night, before we went to see the new Spiderman film. Speaking of which; It was awesome. I almost wrote amazing, but that would have been a bit shamefull. rt if u cried. I’m sorry, I should stop saying that. I won’t, but I should. I really should.


Yesterday, when I realised all the nice cups where in the dishwasher I also remembered that I also had three cups I bought in the beggining of January that is laying around completely unused in some closet somewhere. So we found the closet and we found the box with this cup, another one like this one exept light grey in colour and a big green one. They are now ready to be used.

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