A Tiny Update


I know, I know… “Emma, You said you where going to write more posts. It’s been almost three weeks.”

Well, I have no excuse really, I’ve been thinking about making the posts, but I just haven’t gotten there yet, you know? The post I was talking about is still happening, soon hopefully.

So, Emma, what have you been up to lately? Let’s talk. Well, I went to a thrift store in a close by town, bought a new sweater(which will be featured in that post I was talking about), a new wine glass(for my carbonated water, obvs.) and a new coffee mug for 2 SEK each, and four meters of fabric which I have made into a dress, which just needs some slight adjustments before being shown to the world, in it’s own blog post of course.

This week I had a dentist appointment, which I thought was on Tuesday,  therefor I didn’t go to school that day, I go to the dentist to find out that my appointment was actually on Wednesday, so, I had to go back home and go back there the next day.

Speaking of Wednesday, it was a pretty bad day in general, at least as someone who is a One Direction fan. The crying has since then stopped and the biggest shock has left me, and I’m left processing the entire thing. Hopefully the future will be good for them.


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