Almond’s Outfit Parties 9.0 // Thursday, 13.04.17



Hello, friends! Today I am sharing another outfit with you. I wore it this past Monday, and I really liked it. The top I bought second hand years ago, but I haven’t worn in a really long time, but now that I’ve rediscovered it, I think I am going to wear it a lot more. It’s a dark red top, that has some slight glitter in it, and has a very discreet black pattern.

The skirt is the one I made for my birthday last year, and it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever made. It’s probably both my favorite, and most worn clothing item that I have. There definitely was some struggles while making it, and it’s not perfect, but right now, almost a year later, I can surely say that it was all worth it.

I’m planning on sharing more of my style in the near future, which I’ve surely said before, but it’s happening, so brace yourselves! But that is all from me today, and I’ll see you next time. Almond out.

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