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Are These Rejected Fastfood Slogans Actually Quite Good? // Monday, 15.05.17

From the video description:

Sometimes things on the internet are made up, but still very funny, that’s what we learn when ya pal Almond takes a Buzzfeed quiz about “rejected” fastfood slogans.

Sidenote, I know the quality isn’t 100, the lighting wasn’t great and I think I messed something up while editing, which is also the reason the quiz window is a little out of sync at the end. I am obviously very new at editing, and I am not very good yet. I also would’ve redone the part where it’s out of sync, but McSmartypants over here deleted the footage before I actually watched the video. But I still wanted to post it because I still thought it was funny, and I did actually spend quite a long time editing the video. I’ll hopefully do better next time, whenever that is, enjoy!

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