Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes [Riverdale Recaps & Thoughts]

Okay, okay, OKAY!!!

Hi! I just finished watching the latest episode of Riverdale, and I have words to say. Okay! First of, I’m so happy it’s back, this month without it has been TOO long. Riverdale is one of my favourite shows, even if it’s a bit silly at times, I’m never not enjoying it, I don’t mind if shows or movies are silly, as long at it makes sense and it’s enjoyable to watch, I’m all for it.

Hiram didn’t want Veronica to be at the Pembroke while he was doing business there, that’s understandable. She’s like 16 or something, and even though she wants to be apart of the family business, she is still a child and the Lodges, being mobsters and all, do some pretty serious business. It all becomes a little shady when Hiram lies to Veronica about it, but still tells Archie about the truth and the fact that Andre will be there watching over them. Which is just silly, because Archie, as lovable and kind I personally find the guy, is not really someone I would trust with keeping secrets.

Penelope Blossom. What do I even say about her. In every episode her abuse towards Cheryl becomes more apparent, which is just horrible on so many levels. I love Cheryl, a lot, and it makes me really sad that she hasn’t been in this season as much. Though I really liked Cheryl and Toni’s talk at Pop’s, because we actually got to see her showing emotion and talking about her past. It was also really nice to see Toni not getting pushed away by Cheryl’s ehm, bitchy exterior and actually continues ask her what’s wrong, even after her rude remarks in the bathroom.

Because, she knows that Cheryl’s attitude is a coping mechanism. It’s obvious, and when Cheryl invited herself to go to the Lodge’s cabin and then got turned down because “couples getaway”, my tiny black heart shattered. Even I could see that she was hurt. She just wanted to get away from her horrible mother and spend time with the people she wants to be friends with. But at least she got to see Love, Simon with Toni. Which by the way, if they happen (what’s their shipname again? Choni?) I’ll be the happiest little queer on earth, but in all honesty I just want Cheryl to have a real friend. Like, I am still waiting on her to properly become friends with the cour four. Like, HELLO? What are y’all doing over there in the Riverdale writing room? *insert GIF of Judge Judy pointing to watch*

So to the cabin. Cheryl’s phone call was slightly uncalled for, even though Betty shouldn’t have lied about kissing Archie to Jughead. The truth always comes out, especially in Riverdale *cough* Josie’s talk with Kevin *cough*. Bugheads reaction to Varchie fucking in the other room was very funny, and to be honest, it was equally as funny when it happened in reverse later on.

The Vughead kiss was kinda strange, but expected since it was in the promo. I’m not sure if the revelation of how it happened was disappointing or not, but reading everyone theories on the internet over these past few weeks has made me really uncertain on how it was gonna go down. Maybe it was a little anticlimactic, but it made sense, which you know, is important. The character’s usage of shipnames was a little odd to hear, but then again, they are teenagers in 2018 so maybe it’s not that strange after all. Maybe I just don’t have enough friends/friends in relationships to be able to relate.

Hiram not only bought the trailer-park and clearing everyone living there of both debt and eviction, but also The Register. Jughead thinks the trailer-park purchase is shady, though he seems to feel that way about most things, especially if Hiram Lodge is involved. Who can really blame him, though? He’s a shady guy. Veronica thinks her daddy is trying to make amends, since that’s what Jug publicly asked Hiram to do, Archie agrees with her and Betty just wants everyone to get along. It’s the usual. Betty’s opinion slightly changes when her mom calles her, telling her that Hal sold The Register to Hiram. I really don’t know what Hiram’s motives are, and maybe he really had good intentions in buying the trailer-park. But he sure as hell is up to something, and I’m really curious to find out what exactly that is.

He’s bought a lot of things since the show started; The drive in, Fred Andrews company, Southside High, and now the trailer-park and The Register. It seems to me like he wants as much control over Riverdale as possible, I just can’t figure out why.

Speaking of shady; Chic. What’s that guy up to? He wasn’t in a lot of this episode, but when he was, he was his usual self; stiff and shady, saying weird things, and making Betty regret helping him a little more every second. And that last scene? Something is about to happen, and I’m excited. While you can sometimes doubt your opinion on Hiram being 100% a bad guy, that’s not how it is with Chic. From first episode he was in ending in him creepily watching Betty while she was sleeping, I don’t trust him at all, and it doesn’t help that he hasn’t said or done anything that wasn’t weird since then doesn’t help his case. I just don’t want Betty or Alice getting hurt. He can hurt Hal all he wants, though. He’s a piece of shit anyways. The only thing bad about that might be Penelope mourning her beloved and taking her pain and anger out on Cheryl. So maybe that’s not a great idea after all.

When B and V where walking out of that store in town I did definitely expect something to happen, maybe just not a whole gang of Black hoods to appear at the cabin. Like, that was a whole thing that happened. First of all, YES Veronica for playing along, keeping’ it cool and pressing the Alarm button. Second of all, Archie, why you gotta be like that. Just why. Though I understand why it happened, and honestly, when Andre showed up and told Archie to go back to the cabin, I totally expected the Black hood(s) to be working with Andre, not for Andre to execute the hood in the woods. To be fair, Andre works for the Lodges, so both would’ve been equally as likely.

Speaking of the Black hoods, because that’s what they were, right? Or was the fact that the group of people who wanted to take from the rich ala Robin Hood, but with bats, sledge hammers and serious threats of violence were all wearing identical hoods as the Black hood simply a coincidence? Or actually a hint that the fight with the Black hood isn’t over, and actually much wider spread than just Riverdale?I personally belive that the hood has too much meaning in this show to just be thrown into another random crime, and also, if the attack on the cabin was not a part of the Black hood’s crimes, then why did it happen? Plus, I never really believed that Mr. Anderson was the Black hood, at least not the only one. It didn’t really make sense to me how the fight with the Hood was the main plot of this season, and just end with a creepy janitor who was just introduced to the show, half-way through the season. By the way, Archie, aka the only person who has seen the Hood up close and looked into his eyes, said it wasn’t him. He didn’t have the Hood’s eyes. I don’t belive the fight is over yet, and I honestly never did. Though a good ol’ plot twist never hurts.

And then we rounded back to square one, with Hiram getting Archie to keep secrets from Veronica. ‘Cause V did say to Archie that “she’s glad he didn’t catch up to him”? Which we all saw that he did. Which means that Archie lied to Veronica about what happened. Which doesn’t surprise me at all, but you know, the truth always comes out in Riverdale.

Speaking of the truth, We need to talk about Kevin. He just found out that his married dad has an ongoing and serious affair with the mayor. And who tells him this? His step-sister to-be. Or at least that’s what Sheriff Keller and Mayor McCoy are planning. Josie gets told these news after her the Sherriff leaves their home, though she doesn’t get the news of her parents planning a divorce until AFTER she finds out that the Sheriff is going to be her new step-dad. To be honest, I would like Josie to get as much distance from her own father as possible, like, did you see her crying after her dad was less than supportive over his daughter’s choice of music genre. My heart broke.

Kevin also had a slightly awkward conversation over some milkshakes with Moose and Midge. If I’m not mistaken, which I totally might be, Moose told Kevin that Midge “knows all about them”, which I would assume means that she knows that Kevin and Moose where gonna hook up by the river if they weren’t interrupted by Jason Blossom’s corpse. Though, Midge did not seem to be aware, or maybe she’s just like to pretend like she doesn’t. Either way, the truth always comes out in Riverdale.

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