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Coco, Next Gen & Burgers [Almond’s Latest Life Adventures N° 18]

Hello, Party People, and Happy Thursday!

This past Friday, my dad and I had another movie night at my place. That’s becoming a little tradition in our lives now, which is a lot of fun. This week we bought burgers from a local burger place that’s located about five minutes from my house. We also had fries and a Cheese and Beer dip, which was amazing. I loved all the food we ate, including the dessert, which was a mud cake and cinnamon buns. 

We watched two movies, Coco and Next Gen, which has two striking similarities; They’re both animated and they both made us cry. Which is always a good sign in my book, but also not that hard to achieve.

If I were to rate the evening, which I like doing, the food would get 73% and the movies would a combined 87% from me.


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