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This was the sweater/top I bought second hand. It’s very comfy and I like it lots.

(Look how fake my smile looks, I promise it was the real deal. I promise.)


This mint top, is from H&M and was in the sale for really cheap. I think it was released last summer/spring, but since I stalk the H&M website, I think they have similar styles in for not that much. By looking at this picture I’ve learned that it should probably be a little tucked in to the skirt, so you won’t get that little edge thingy. 

PICT3854  PICT3855

And at last, this top, also from the H&M sale, which is intended for off the shoulder wear. But that is way too high maintenance for me, so I wear it a little on the shoulders.

That’s that. I told you I was going to make this post eventually. There was another top that I bought around the same time as the other ones, but I’m special and lost. It’s probably in my totally organized closet. Somewhere. Maybe you’ll see it in an outfit post at some point.

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