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Hello there, have you missed seeing my outfits? If yes, this is your day! There is not a no option, soo…

Here is another post with the skirt I mad last fall, that I showed in December, I think. I haven’t used it a while, because the waist is a little loose, BUT my genius brain came up with the brilliant idea that I could put on a belt. So that I did, this one I bought in the Asos sale after Christmas, so I could get free shipping on my purchase. I actually bought a pair of Mom jeans, that I wore for two weeks straight, and then got tired of, and they’re still laying in my closet, untouched since January. Skirts and dresses is way more my thing.

The shirt, is not actually a shirt, but a dress that I’ve actually showed before. It’s just a black sequined body-con dress, that I bought in the Christmas sale 2013-14. I haven’t really used in a very long time, because I don’t wear all black outfits, the only black thing I really wear is my black and gold skirt that I made. But, I decided I could just put a skirt over the dress and use it as a top.

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