Emma’s Easter 2016


A Vanilla Iced Latte from Max.

Yesterday my dad and I went out for some food at Max.  I had my usual Vegan BBQ Sandwich. In the middle of our meal I started feeling very anxious and I almost felt like crying, but my dad offered me an Iced Latte, which helped me a little. It does probably sound a bit strange, since coffee is said to make your anxiety worse, but coffee has always had a very comforting effect on me, and it has for as long as I’ve had these problems with anxiety.


Earlier today, my dad and I fed my uncle’s cats and then we went and bought Lattes and pies that we ate at one of my dad’s friends house.



This afternoon we had an Easter party with my housing, I didn’t stay for much of though, because I wasn’t feeling very well. The staff had hidden some Easter eggs filled with candy outside in our yard, and the person who found one got to keep it. As you may be able to tell from the photograph above, I found one of them. It was in a big bush that I climbed into. It was worth it though.

Right now I am about to go put some dye in my hair, I just got done rinsing the bleach from my roots. I tried a new technique when putting the bleach in today, I usually part my hair in the middle, but after doing that for two damn years and always leaving a part untouched, I decided it was time for a change. When I see professionals dying hair they always part the hair around the head like they’re putting up a ponytail, so that’s what I did, and I’m fairly sure I got all of it this time. See you soon!

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