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This was almost two weeks ago, I’m so late with this post. Well, anyways; This was from when my mum, two of my siblings and I went to a new café/resturant/food place in town to get Ice Cream. My mum and I also had coffee. That’s important. Yes.


The day after that. That’s monday for all of you who didn’t know. Or just got confused by the weekdays. Erik, I’m looking at you. Anyways, my dad and I went for coffee in town, and I had my usual Skinny Vanilla Latte with and extra shot. The extra shot is the most important part here. Oh yeah, it has to be a big one as well. Small ones are just offesive.

Fun Fact: I misspelled shot as shit and almost didn’t notice. That wouldv’e been bad.


On wednesday last week after a whole day of exams, Hanna, Erik and I went to town. Erik later on left us, but we had fun without him. Ha ha. I took Hanna to Starbucks and she was very proud of the smiley face on her mug. I told her I got a heart once. Huh.


This tuesday I made myself a Ice Latte. It was nice. Wouldv’e needed another espresso shot though. That’s for next time.


Later that day, my gang and I decided to go for a “walk”. In other words, we took a longer way to Espresso House to get coffee. I had another Ice Latte. With two extra shots. Once again, the extra shots are important.

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