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Hi there! Here are some more pictures from the past couple of weeks, I do, as usual, not remember much from these days, only the two middle pictures. Those are from a day when my dad and I went and had a look around town and I bought a new brand of hair dye, it’s called Crazy Colors and I tried the shade Peacock Blue, which was a nice colour, though I had to dilute it a lot with conditioner, though I should’ve used more, because it still ended up really dark.

I would show you a picture, but I have actually dyed my hair again after this, because I found that this dye didn’t last that long on my hair, though it stayed better than Manic Panic, that didn’t last well at all on me.

My personal favourite brand is Directions, because they are not that expensive and they last really well on me. Though I do want to try Arctic Fox at some point, since I’ve heard really great things about them.

But that’s all from me today, see you soon!

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