Emma’s Life Adventures 6.0 – Parts From The Slight Past & The Now


An Iced Latte.


A Macaroon. I know the name is way too similar to Macaron, which those are the little things made out of me. I mean, almonds… You know, these ones.

Hi there pals! I know it’s been like, a week since we last spoke, and I’m truly sorry. I’ve had very little energy this past week, and if I’m honest, I’ve been a little lazy, too. But now I’m here again, and I wish I had lots of exciting things to tell you, but I haven’t really done much.

Last weekend it was Swedish midsummer and I attended two celebrations, both with my dad and his friends. It all started out a little rough, but we ended up having lots of fun and I ate like, five vegetarian hot dogs. I actually didn’t take that many pictures that day,. which is truly shocking, I know.

The day after that, which was a Saturday, my dad and I attended another small celebration, for one of his friend’s birthday. I also ate another four vegetarian hot dogs.

Yesterday my dad and I went out of town, because he wanted to look at a new phone, which he ended up buying, and I bought a bigger memory card for my camera. Maybe now I’ll finally be able to film a full Get Ready With Me. I did try to film one a couple of days ago, but that day my camera ended up dying so I couldn’t continue filming.

I also bought a necklace, that is technically a bracelet, and coffee at McDonald’s, where the most horrific thing happened. They didn’t sell Chili Cheese Tops. I know, it was awful and I almost cried. But I bought some at Max today, so I’m kinda sorta maybe a little fine.

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