Emma’s Winter Break 2016


Chicken kebab with rice, and carbonated water that was barely even carbonated. AKA A Disappointment.

The first real thing I did during this break was to go to a shopping centre in a town fairly close to us, with my dad. I didn’t end up buying much, because they didn’t have what I was looking for, but it was fun anyways. We ate at a pizza place we wanted to try out and I drank the most disappointing carbonated water ever.


The things I did buy.


  A milk free coffee drink. 

We went in to a grocery store in the shopping centre, and I bought this new milk free coffee drink that I wanted to try after seeing it on Instagram. I try to eat mostly vegan or vegetarian when I can, and I want to be fully vegan one day, but right now I eat what I can get myself to eat, since I still have a lot of issues around food in general. I can barely get myself to eat properly on a daily basis, and I struggle with feeling hunger, so I try to eat whatever I can get myself to eat, even if it involves animal products. But back to the coffee drink, I was very pleased with it, it both tasted good and was a little bit cheaper than the drinks I usually buy, the only problems is that I haven’t seen them in a lot of shops yet, maybe that will come.


Yesterday my dad and I payed a visit to my uncle and his family and I got to see my little cousins, and we had dinner together.


As a bonus, the candy and cucumber cactus my mum gave me for Valentine’s day.

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